side info
 Hello everyone! I am Ishika Forsyth, as I like to be known on a virtual world called Second life. I first learned about SL when I was searching the internet for virtual world games similar to Gaiaonline and the Sims franchise. I’ve always enjoyed roleplaying and SL allowed me to that as well as create a new life that kind of follows my dreams. I like to think my avatar reflects a little bit of me in real life. I’m Punjabi which is why you will see my avatar wearing a bindi and/or a nose ring. I’m a bit of a nerd and have always loved Lord of the Rings, hence the elf ears on my avatar. I do a bit of photography work as well as creating clothing here and there. I’ll leave a few links below if you’d like to see my work:

– Flickr

– My Store Mardaani

And if you’d like to talk to me on social media or just see what I’m like, here’s my facebook :



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